Written Word

Early Works

50 Early Poems

“Legends of Torment” (8 short stories)

“Six Watches of the Night” (Cycle of Poems)

“The White Animal” and “The Birch Tree” (2 short stories)

“A Winter Emerald” (Short Novel)

“Confessions of an Introspective Computer” (Philosophical Poetry and Prose)


Short Novel

A gifted mathematical student is dying in a fire in his rooms at university. As he dies he has an out-of-the-body experience in which he has an apocalyptic vision of civilization collapsing in the hands of an extreme terrorist group who have the resources and technology to build, plant and detonate atomic bombs in the heart of great cities. Has his work inadvertently helped this? How can he use his knowledge to prevent it? Can he even return to his body before he dies?

“Children of the Octagon”


An idealistic young barrister feels himself to be strangely privileged, and by exploring his own background and his childhood and meeting his childhood sweetheart he unearths the surviving members of a secret society which he believes to be controlling his life. Secretly all the power in the country is in the hands of a very few, an exclusive club known as “The Octagon”. Is he taking a moral stand, by trying to undermine them, or is he just rebelling as a child might rebel, while in reality he is seeking to be accepted as a member?


Children’s Novel

This is a short novel which expands the famous Northumbrian tale recorded by Joseph Jacobs, and sets it during Saxon times, when Northumberland was at the height of its power as a stronghold against the Danes. Tattercoats, an English Cinderella, has to survive without a fairy godmother, and relies less on magic than personal courage. Accompanied by two imaginary friends, Spoonlady, a silver spoon who has fallen from grace, and Hogroast, a roasted boar who refuses to admit defeat, she drives a flock of geese all the way to London in search of her prince. With the power of her own belief she turns her geese into fine servants, who then gain her entrance to the royal palace and the man she loves. Her grandfather, who has kept everything from her through his personal grief at the death of her mother, is now forced to give her, from his locked oak chest, her own true inheritance.

“Mr Mowngrass” & “The Bugbear”

Children’s stories

“Voices in the Wall”


A young artist seeks work as a picture restorer in a museum and becomes obsessed with an early painter, whose name is not known, except as the ‘Master’ of the altarpiece at Oppenheim in Germany. Nearly all his work was destroyed in the Second World War, and the student attempts to recreate it. The coincidental arrival in his life of a schoolgirl with a violent family background, and the suspicious reappearance of one of the ‘destroyed’ masterpieces, lead him to Germany, and the discovery of a secret cache of lost works of art, and beyond that into a past life in the late middle ages, and an affair of love and jealousy which has haunted him over hundreds of years. He finds himself taking a very dangerous path of self-discovery, but one which he must walk if he is ever to escape from the past.

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