Film Scripts

“Green Roses”

Set in Prague, this is a tragic story of misunderstood love, involving an orchestral conductor and entrepreneur and a young voilinist, who had been kept locked away by her family, because she had killed a party official who attempted to rape her. Following the ‘Velvet Revolution’ she is discovered by the conductor, who brings her out of hiding, hoping to display to the world the extraordinary talent she has developed in the confinement of her upper room, but she can only feel confusion, and the unknown pangs of love. She is terrified of crowds and loses her ability to play, and then, feeling she has failed the man she loves, she runs away and disappears. The conductor leaves Prague under a cloud, and only returns there when a much older man. In Prague he encounters the ghost of the girl he had once tried to help, and it is she who opens him up to his buried abilities as a composer, and brings about a late flowering at the end of his life.

“Theatre of Love”

The film utilises the uniquely autobiographical music of Hector Berlioz, to tell the tragic love story of his relationship with the Irish actress, Harriet Smithson, who brought Shakespeare to Paris. A classic golden couple of post-revolutionary France, both were passionate in their art, but with expectations too high and pressures too great to sustain all their dreams. Often adopting a humorous tone, Berlioz wrote his own autobiography in the hope that someone would be inspired by it, as he had been by that of Benvenuto Cellini, from which he made an opera. The script takes up his challenge, although things do not turn out exactly as he might have wished. All the same, despite the human failings, the music and the theatre create something which will always endure.

“The Bridge”

A story of endurance, determination and obsession, about the pain and the triumph of the building of the great Brooklyn Bridge which then towered over New York. As the foundations are driven into the East River the so-called “Casement disease”, later known as “The bends” takes its toll not only on the workers, but on the chief engineer, whose nerves are shattered, and who has to instruct his wife in bridge-building so the work can be completed. It is only at the end of the fourteen years of its construction that the truth can be told that the bridge was effectively built by a woman. The film script chronicles the hopes, disillusionment, divided loyalties and ultimately the fight for survival of the characters involved.

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